Degrees in Visual Communications

Requirements for Earning Visual Communications Degrees

The concept of visual communication can be best described as the “conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be read or looked upon.” With relevant coursework including print production, digital color theory, image editing, web design and advanced illustration, among other topics, a Bachelor of Science in visual communications is a relevant option for those with a love for the visual arts.

Average Salary and Career Data

The most common career field for a visual communication degree recipient is graphic design. The top 10 percent of the graphic design field can earn more than $76,900 per year (, although the median annual salary is approaching $44,000. Job growth is expected to reach 13 percent through the end of this decade, although nearly one in three graphic designers today are self employed, rather than working for a firm or corporate entity.

Job Duties of a Graphic Artist

Graphic artists/designers are certainly expected to capably develop engaging material for a wide audience scope. At the same time, however, much of this profession is about relationships – both between the artist and the eventual audience, but also between the artist and the client or entity pushing out the message. Graphic artists must be able to work with clients to properly determine timing, message, and artistic reach – often doing so in a strategic manner in order to gain the most out of a particular graphical campaign.

Visual Communications Degree Programs

The Best Online Photography & Art Colleges

While amateur photographers abound, professional photography requires a high degree of knowledge and skill that can be gained through online learning. Currently, only the Art Institute of Pittsburgh offers an online photography degree (more details below). But many other colleges offer related online programs like graphic design.

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