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Requirements for Earning Photography Degrees

Photography is one of the few fields that spans the realms of business, science, manufacturing, retail, art and recreation. Providing students with the core elements of both taking photographs and properly processing them, there are a number of photography programs available, including a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees, two-year associate of science degrees, and part-time certificate programs. A suitable point-and-shoot camera is traditionally required at the onset, but a digital SLR camera is needed to complete these programs, as is capable processing software and other tools.

Average Salary and Career Data

While the professional photography field is growing at a rate of about 13 percent through the end of this decade, the median pay is just shy of $30,000 annually (, across the board. Different aspects of the profession can expect salaries approaching six figures, but entry-level figures are modest.

Job Duties of a Photographer

Being a professional photographer is more than simply taking photographs. In addition to understanding the equipment and the ability to analyze and properly compose an image, photographers must maintain the ability to effectively market and attract clients to their various services; maintaining a portfolio or carrying a website is a must.

Photography Degree Programs

The Best Online Photography & Art Colleges

While amateur photographers abound, professional photography requires a high degree of knowledge and skill that can be gained through online learning. Currently, only the Art Institute of Pittsburgh offers an online photography degree (more details below). But many other colleges offer related online programs like graphic design.

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