Degrees in Digital Design and Cinematography

Requirements for Earning Digital Design and Cinematography Degrees

The concept of digital design and cinematography combines both multimedia design and filmmaking aspects, allowing artists to develop emotion-rich, eye-catching multimedia productions. One such degree in digital design and cinematography is the Bachelor of Science in digital cinematography, which includes such coursework as computer science, art history, digital audio production, digital cinematography, lighting, directing, web design, intellectual property, and ethics and psychology, among an array of other relevant coursework.

Average Salary and Career Data

While the median salary for a film and video editor or cinematographer is greater than $45,000 annually, job growth projections are roughly four percent – slower than average professions. This likely means there will be competition for entry-level opportunities, which can expect starting salaries of around $20,000 annually ( On the other end, the top 10 percent of the field earn more than $81,000 annually.

Job Duties of a Film Editor/Cinematographer

While cinematographers are expected to have both a scientific understanding and artistic feel for operating the camera to obtain a usable shot, film and video editors are responsible for constructing the final product using the various moving images brought forth by the cinematographer. In the multimedia realm, this may include aspects of graphic design and animation as well.

Digital Design and Cinematography Degree Programs

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While amateur photographers abound, professional photography requires a high degree of knowledge and skill that can be gained through online learning. Currently, only the Art Institute of Pittsburgh offers an online photography degree (more details below). But many other colleges offer related online programs like graphic design.

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