50 Best Photography Blogs You Aren’t Reading Yet

Competition is fierce in photography, but this list of the 50 best photography blogs you aren’t reading yet proves that photographers can find a niche online and in the real world. From wedding photography to personal photos and from photographic tools to photojournalism, this list carries a wide range of new blogs filled with techniques, resources and opportunities. The list is divided into 2009 and 2010, and each link is listed by the month the photographer created his or her blog. All blogs in this article were started in and after January, 2009.


  1. Wedding PhotographyEyecatch Design Services: This blog kicked off the year with their best of 2009, featuring their best wedding and portrait photography (January).
  2. The Family Photojournalist: Authors and photographers Daniel Shaw and Chuck Anerino share critiques, tips and resources on how to take family photos (January).
  3. Feeling Negative? This blog is home base for the new-age film photographer to explore this amazing medium (February).
  4. Calin Ilea Photographer: This is a photojournalism blog by a freelance photographer based in Cluj Napoca, Romania (March).
  5. Julien Gille Photography: This photographer launched a blog in 2010 filled with personal projects and tips for photographers (March).
  6. The Russian Photos Blog: Jeremy Nicholl documents his corporate and editorial photography in Moscow, Russia and the former Soviet Union (March).
  7. Boudoir International: Following the wake of a boudoir photography trend, this site offers tips, referrals and resources (April).
  8. Eric Kim Street Photography: The blog is just one portion of this site, and it carries information about black and white street photography, including tips and resources (April).
  9. Now I Remember: This photoblog features camera-phone photography from the likes of Spanky, Jerry Hsu, Neckface and more (April).
  10. Golden HourPat Lordan Photography: Pat started working as a wedding photographer in 1999, and has been promoted in Grace Ormonde Marriage, Brides Boston and Oprah (May).
  11. The Eye: The Journal Star photography staff extends well beyond central Illinois, and their photoblog shows their expertise (May).
  12. Viveca Koh Photography’s Blog: Viveca Koh LRPS has a passion for creating photo montages/fine art images using photographs that she had taken in various UrbEx locations, combining photographs of textures to create altogether more disturbing and thought-provoking imagery (May).
  13. Jadedsnapper’s Blog: “The cynical bile of a press photographer” who prefers to remain somewhat anonymous (June).
  14. Jules Mattsson: The blog of a freelance press photographer who was harrassed by the police for taking photographs (June).
  15. Images by timnmay: Tim & May are passionate and inspired photographers based in Sydney, Australia, and who focus on weddings, corporate photography and events (August).
  16. Square Peg Images: Although this blog is part of the Toronto-based photography business, Steve Hayward also provides his take on photography and his life-long love of this medium (August).
  17. Andrea Bacle Photography: Andrea is an on-location portrait photographer working in Spring, The Woodlands, and the surrounding area in TX (September).
  18. Casey Mcardle Photography: Casey is a young, enthusiastic self-taught photographer from Brisbane, Australia who focuses on newborn and child photography for families (September).
  19. Phonar: This blog features a free and open undergraduate photography class frun by Jonathan Worth from the photography team at Coventry University in the UK. Worth also runs New Photographics, found below in August 2009 (September).
  20. PhotographerFreshly BOLD Photography: Leslie Davis captures living and loving along the Gulf Coast area (November).
  21. Steinmetz Photography Blog: The blog for Steinmetz Photography, featuring a wide range of photographic capabilities (November).


  1. Bartek Witek Photography: Bartek, located in Killorglin, Co. Kerry, focuses on documentary wedding and lifestyle portraits (January).
  2. Harshbarge: Visual media by Mito Habe-Evans, who currently is curating and writing for NPR’s The Picture Show blog (January).
  3. Host Gallery Blog: This London gallery features historic and current artists and works in photography and filmography (February).
  4. Marco Pavan Photography: A blog that wanders among topics such as guerrilla gardening, photojournalism, new media and more (February).
  5. PixBoomba: This blog, written by two decades-long veterans of National Geographic, contains a collection of photographic tips in video, illustrated text and blog forms that aim to help you make better photographs (February).
  6. Alison Yin Wedding Photography: Alison Yin is a photographer based in Oakland, CA, and who travels throughout California photographing people and events (March).
  7. Doug Menuez 2.0: Go Fast, Don’t Crash: Doug Menuez is an award-winning documentary photographer based in New York City (March).
  8. Sean Sheridan: For the last 16 years, Sean Sheridan has been shooting, writing and producing emotionally compelling stories that elevate both people and brands (March).
  9. PhotojournalismThe Unknown Snapper: This blog is all about random links, musings and literary wanderings of an unknown photographer trying to make it in the world of photojournalism (March).
  10. Micah & Megan: This couple photographs weddings, but also have broader photographic interests (April).
  11. Karla Snider Photography: Karla leans toward weddings, but she also creates the images for Lipstick & Lace, a boudoir photography site (May).
  12. LENS: This photoblog is dedicated to distinguished visual and multimedia reporting through photographs, videos and slideshows by New York Times photographers and outside photojournalists (May).
  13. Photography Blogsites: A place to host a photoblog that is compatible with mobile devices and that helps with SEO (May).
  14. GTVone Photography: Interesting outlook on life, photography and music from Simon Pollock, one of London’s premier live music photographers (June).
  15. The Photography G Blog: Garrett Hacking, based in Colorado, uses his blog as a personal diary of the events and happenings around him (June).
  16. Full Frame: This is CNET News’ new venue for showcasing large format photography, video and multimedia slideshows which tell the stories behind the technology (July).
  17. Mom & Camera: Current favorite camera gear includes a Nikon D300 body, 18-200mm 3.5-5.6 Nikkor lens, 50mm 1.8 Nikkor lens, 28-105mm 3.5-4.5 (macro), and a SB800 Nikon Speedlight (July).
  18. New York Photography Blog: Dave Beckerman does only done black and white photography, trying to capture those little ordinary moments of city life that are extraordinary without either denigrating or glorifying people (July).
  19. Portrait PhotographyNew Photographics: Photographer Jonathan Worth writes about sustainable working photographic practices amongst a community of like-minded learner practitioners. Jonathan works from London and New York as a freelance commercial photographer and also runs Phonar (see September 2010 above) (August).
  20. Ariana Falerni: Ariana is a maternity, newborn and child photographer serving the Lower Hudson Valley (September).
  21. Cheri Root Photography: Cheri is “rooted” in a variety of attributes including love, commitment, family and loyalty (September).
  22. Daniel Chui’s Street Photography Blog: With his Canon 5D, he will steal your precious moments and make them his own (October).
  23. Pozometre: Serkan, a photojournalist, received his M.A. from the Missouri School of Journalism. He holds a B.A. in International Relations from Bilkent University (October).
  24. Tim Gander’s Blog: A commercial photographer in the UK expounds on photography, related news and opinions (October).
  25. Anthony Vazquez Wedding Photography: Vazquez shares his photography and talks to the photographer about the art of wedding photography (November).
  26. JM Photography: Jessica M. Hinnenkamp is a wedding, baby & family photographer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota (November).
  27. TRUE Visions Photography: Melissa True takes you on a photographic journey through her travels and experiences, sometimes winding up in her own backyard (November).
  28. 365 Photo Creative: This blog’s aim is to provide a free resource for professional or amateur photographers, along with tutorials, business advice and downloads (December).
  29. In Focus: The Garden City Telegram, based in Kansas, began to focus on their Midwestern photojournalism in 2009 (December).
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