25 Must-See Web Sites for Photography Enthusiasts

Photography is all about capturing beauty and truth through the lens. Whether you’re a photographer or just appreciate beautiful pictures, you’re sure to love these 25 websites, where the most talented photographers let you see their view of life through a camera.

  1. Martin Lawrence Photography: Lawrence is a landscape photographer in Scotland. His shots are some of the most beautiful you’ll find of the Scottish landscape.
  2. Steffan Allen: Allen’s site encompasses photography of a wide variety of subjects, including people and boats. His beautiful shots are all the more interesting because of his perspective.
  3. Jeremy Cowart: Cowart is one of the most famous celebrity photographers. His shots of celebrities are inventive, and offer a tiny glimpse of personality that is so often lacking in celebrity shots. There are some great shots on his site that aren’t of celebrities, too.
  4. Isabelle Ribeiro: Ribeiro is a well-known photographer who is currently working in Brazil. Her work has been featured in many art galleries in the US. But, you get a pretty great exhibit just by visiting her website.
  5. All Day I Dream About Photography: This is one of the best photography blogs out there. The site offers a great combination of tips, beautiful pictures and information on new developments and new products in the photography world.
  6. PDN Photo of the Day: Each day there’s a new photo posted here. You’ll find some beautiful photography from all over the world on this site.
  7. Fine Art Photo Blog: You’ll see some great fine art photography here, and you’ll also get some great news and advice on this particular photography genre.
  8. Cheap Shooter: This is a great site for amateur photographers. It offers lots of innovative ideas on how to pursue your photography hobby without spending a lot of money.
  9. PSD Learning: If you use Photoshop, this is a great site. You’ll learn lots of new techniques and get great information for using this tool as well as other photography tricks.
  10. Photopreneur: This is a great blog for those who want to make a living from their photography. It offers great advice and points you to some other great resources.
  11. Photo Assignment: If you want to challenge your photography skills; check out this site. Each week, you’ll get a new assignment. The contributors complete the assignment and their work is posted. You can lean a lot by completing the assignments and checking out how others completed it.
  12. Bottle Bell Photography: There is some absolutely beautiful work here, much of it in a fantasy like genre. You’ll definitely appreciate keeping up with new work as it’s added.
  13. Jason Bell Photography: Jason Bell has done a lot of celebrity photography work, which you’ll find on his site. But you’ll also find a lot of other beautiful photographs, too.
  14. Steve McCurry: This photographer’s site has some really beautiful photographs. But the layout and colors of the site are really appealing, too.
  15. Brent Stirton: Stirton is a photojournalist. The work he shares on his site will inspire you to grab your own camera and begin shooting.
  16. Burn Magazine: Burn is an online photography journal. The photos they feature are gorgeous. The magazine mostly consists of photo essays by various photographers. You’ll see their work and learn a little about them, too.
  17. Gavin Gough: Gough is a travel photographer living in Thailand. His work from his time living in Asia is stunning.
  18. Bruce Percy: Bruce Percy is an adventure photographer. He has captured some really stunning photographs of places most people would never venture toward.
  19. Face On Images: This site by photographer Les Forrester is inspirational. His black and white work is particularly stunning.
  20. Rebecca Ruth: Ruth is a wedding photographer. Her perspectives and unique takes on wedding day moments make me wish I could get married again just so she could do my pictures.
  21. Outdoor Photographer: This is a great site for helping you improve your skills in outdoor photography. There are lots of tips as well as photos from other photographers to inspire you.
  22. National Geographic Photography: National Geographic has been bringing us beautiful photos from around the world for decades. Their site offers more of what we’ve come to expect from the magazine.
  23. Rankin: Rankin is a well known celebrity and fashion photographer. His site features this work, but also showcases some of his more avant garde work, too.
  24. Eric Ryan Anderson: Anderson is primarily a portrait photographer, and has done some interesting celebrity work.
  25. Piotr Kulczycki: Kulczycki is an inspired travel photographer. He has some great pics from all over the world.
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